Sound installation for the exhibition :

L'heure de la messe...sonnez les cloches !

With the painter Eddie Pannel

Atelier triptyque, Montpellier from 01/03/2017 to 01/03/2017

In this exhibition, we wanted to work on transdisciplinary between the visual and the auditory in order to create a new artistic object non defined in a subject but a whole. So, we have decided to bring our two workshops into the exhibition's room, to how certain painters represented themselves in their workshop So I made a sonor put in abyss.

One of the important points I focus in my work it's the management of the temporal structure for the sound installation. Indeed, I adapted myself to the kind of listenning that the exhibition situation breeds: I am no longer the one who decides but every body can decides how long they will stay in the room, so my installation must be adaptable for all the different times, very short are long etc...

I choose to made a loop of 45 minutes with differents kind of sounds: Sonic landscapes from the workshop and nature, electronic and voice sounds.

affiche vernissage